As a Cubs fan, I want what the Yankees have

Congrats to the 2009 New York Yankees. They were the best team throughout the season and the best team in the playoffs.

As a Cubs fan I feel envious towards the Yankees. They have everything. The hardware, the rings, and the girls (minus Kate Hudson). They are the Ferris Bueller to my Cameron Frye. My envy is so great, that I am willing to let the Yankees drive my Dad's 1961 Ferrari 250GT California (less than a hundred were made) around the streets of Chicago and risk being murdered by my father just so I can be a third wheel and hang out with my friend (the Yankees) and their girlfriends (again, minus Kate Hudson).

That's how envious I am.

A lot of people blame the Yankees by saying they buy their championships by paying the highest dollar to the best free agents. But, they have operated within the rules of baseball and pay a significant luxury tax ($26.9 million dollars to be exact). The money derived from this tax is then divided among the smaller market teams to allow them to have more revenue to sign more attractive free agents.

If I was a free agent (a good one at that...not a bum like Nick Swisher) I would want to play for the Yankees because a)they'll show me the money and b)I have a better than average chance of winning a championship. As a fan, I want the GM to sign the best players available on the market to make my team better and improve my teams chances of winning a championship. We all want this. Regardless of the sport. So what exactly have they done wrong?

So before we start stoning the Yankees (again) for going out and spending all of this money, let's analyze something that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.

A closer examination reveals four (4) players from Wednesdays Game 6 that were drafted by the Yankees. And all of which (except one) spent their entire career in the Bronx:

-Derek Jeter — Drafted: 1992: 1st Rd. (6th) by New York Yankees

-Jorge Posada - Drafted: 1990: 24th Rd. by New York Yankees

-Mariano Rivera — Drafted: 1990: Amateur Free Agent by New York Yankees

-Andy Pettitte - Drafted: 1990: 22nd Rd. by New York Yankees

Two of these players (Jeter, Rivera) are first-ballot Hall of Famers. An argument can be made for or against Pettitte, Posada (though the five rings each will probably get them in).

What the Yankees have proven to me is that they have had competent personnel in place to develop talent throughout their organization. Each organization needs to have a nucleus of players to build off of that have been developed through proper scouting, drafting and coaching. If you look at past championship teams (e.g. Bulls championship teams of the 90's, Spurs championship teams, '85 Bears (who should've won a couple more Super Bowls but that is neither here nor there), and, well, the 2009 New York Yankees) you can see the result of this type of player development.

The point is, there is added value by developing talent from within. And when you create a solid nucleus of players from within your organization that have bought into the system and are committed to winning, it is easier to attract the higher tier free agents.

For the Cubs to become World Series champions, they must make a commitment to improving their personnel within their farm system. This means hiring the right individuals that can successfully evaluate and develop talent. Proper mentoring, effective coaching, and successful development of these young players should be the priority of the farm system.

We know we can attract the free agents because a)the Ricketts have money and b)we have Wrigley Field and c)the players LOVE to play here (except you, Milton Bradley). So it is possible to bring in more attractive free agents based on those variables (which look similar to the Yankees). But as we look at our high priced outfield, our two corner infielders (all of which were either acquired via trade or through free agency), I ask; can the Cubs build a championship team around a nucleus of Theriot, Soto, Zambrano, Wells, Samardzija and Marmol so that one day we can have a parade down Clark and Addison and be the envy of the league?

I hope so.

Because I don't want to be like Cameron Frye forever.

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