Granderson Gone for Good?

Today the Yankees, Tigers, and Diamondbacks executed a three way trade, sending (most importantly to Cub's fans) Curtis Granderson to the east coast. A few days ago, (the always impeccable) Harry over at Cubs F/X broke down the center field situation for the Cubs if/when they trade Milton Bradley. Basically, it's not good. Until today, the situation appeared thus:

Choice A: Get Granderson
Choice B: Enjoy Mediocrity

Frankly, if the Cubs want to get back to the Spinning Wheel of Chance we call the playoffs, then we can hardly waste a position on a replacement level player (which is what the majority of remaining options are).

The one silver lining in this whole trade, at least to me, is the increased potential of retaining Milton Bradley's services, whom I would prefer to return to the Cubs, an idea I have occasionally espoused here. However, as I write this, I am receiving rumors that Bradley may well be on his way out the door right now. Who knows, maybe we nab Granderson for Bradley in the craziest trade of the young winter?

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