Just Like That, Milton is Gone

Every ounce of my objectively analytical self is in sheer agony right now. I have tried to avoid being a staunch apologist for Milton Bradley, but the truth is: Cubs fans and Lou Piniella have really brought this on themselves. Bradley had an unlucky beginning to the season, so Cubs fans -- expecting MB to single-handedly restore the former Cub Greatness -- turned the "Friendly Confines" into a next of Boo Birds, making foolishness and bigotry their straw and twigs. Piniella wrongly chastised Bradley for a trespass others had committed (the Water Cooler Incident) and Bradley reacted with poise and reason (per ESPN: "I got a ton of respect for Lou," Bradley said. "When he says something, I really take heed and listen to it... I really think he had a heartfelt talk with me in his office, and I think we are both better for it."), yet the fans did not notice.

Instead, the fan stink seemingly forced Jim Hendry's hand now we have acquired this:

(Click on the chart for a larger presentation.)

An injured, angry, overpaid pitcher. And a blogger (me) in pain.

Presumably we are getting some cash as well. Hopefully, it's something like half of Silva's salary because, at current, our payroll is tighter than it was with Bradley. The amount is rumored to be around $9 million, which actually only frees up $6 million dollars. For a quick summary on this trade, please refer to the image below:

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