Chris Dutton's xBABIP Quick Calculator!

Back in July of 2009, Chris Dutton (via Derek Carty at Hardball Times) released an excellent xBABIP Tool that provided really fun insight into the luck behind the slash. Anyway, in the comments section, I noted others like myself who lacked the Microsoft Office Suite and in turn required some OpenOffice alternative. Well, though I would have preferred to reproduce the whole tool into OpenOffice (though it be a year dated now), I have finally completed an OpenOffice version of their xBABIP Quick Calculator!

I'm trying to make this nifty little tool (by no means a replacement for the originial file, if you have Microsoft Excel) as publicly available as possible, and have therefore made it into a Google Doc (click here) which anyone should be able to copy and edit (if not, please let me know).

For those OpenOffice users, I would be happy to email the original .ods document to you if you would kindly peruse my Blogger profile (see comments section) and email me a request for it.

To obtain OpenOffice (free!):
Google Doc xBABIP Quick Calculator: Google Docs link
The original release: at The Hardball Times

Also, in other news, Ken Rosenthal thinks the Cubs may well be pursuing Ben Sheets, a possibility Will examined here on Cubs Stats.

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  1. If you'd like the original OpenOffice (.ods) file, click my (handsome) profile picture to the left of this, where you will find my info with a link (on the left) to my email.