Cubs Get Nady, and Park is Good

Breaking earlier today, the Cubs have acquired outfielder Xavier Nady -- for $3.3M with $2M in incentives (all of which I hope he gets). Our good friends at Another Cubs Blog take some time to examine his potential impact. Their analysis? He will be worth his base salary and then some. I agree.

Additionally, the Cubs have expressed a lot of interest in both Kiko Calero and Chan Ho Park of late. I'm 100% behind signing these guys (for around $3M or so, maybe a touch more), but not everybody is. In fact, I just finished a long text-message conversation with a fellow sports enthusiast who believed Park is not "clutch." Well, Fangraphs suggests otherwise; moreover, Dave Cameron insists otherwise. I tend to Dave's opinion.

Also, Sky Andrecheck of Baseball Analysts has completed a fun study on the history of the stolen base. It has pretty pictures.

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