Kiko, Sheets, Theriot, and Tigers

Harry Pavlidis at Cubs f/x took some time to look at potential Cub Kiko Calero. I'm pretty high on Calero. If he's healthy, he can really add some potency to the 'pen. If he re-injures himself, he just won't pitch. With what little budget room we have left, I would be happy if part went to Calero.

Jack Moore of Fangraphs takes a look at the market for free agent Ben Sheets. It would be cool to add a starter like Sheets, but not for the money he's currently asking for.

Tim Souers of my favorite art Cubs site -- Cubby-Blue -- examines the finer points of arbitration. Arbitration cases are never good. Both the team and player most take highly adversarial stances, which is never great within an organization. [If you don't already frequent Souers' site, then start. In many ways, Souers' is the pulse of the Every Fan, and his illustrations are double cool.]

For those not following the online sabermetrics community closely, here is your warning about publishing baseball research: "A saberist reviewing a paper of economists reviewing saberists." Basically, over the last several months, academic and economist JC Bradburry of Sabernomics has been going toe-to-toe with well-established sabermetricians Tom Tango (tangotiger), Michael Litchman (MGL), and company. Basically, the argument at current is about how Bradburry seems to either ignore or be unaware of a large precedent of research available online. The Bookers (Tango et al.) criticize Bradburry for discounting research because it has not been published in peer-reviewed journals. I've tried to avoid this debacle as much as possible because both parties can and do contribute to baseball knowledge (though I feel Tango and MGL's side has done a lot more for baseball).

Lastly, the Big League Stew gives us a good primer on Win Shares. It's a good read if you're just joining the world of baseball stats because Win Shares are -- in many ways -- a foundational stat for modern analysis (though we now use WAR or WARP in most cases).

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