PECOTA's Projections, Picked Prospects, Sherlock's Sabermetrics, and a Pricey Perfect Game

The brain-trust at Baseball Prospectus has released and updated their PECOTA team projections, which sadly predict the Cubs finishing below .500 -- and below the Reds(!?). Maybe I'm severely underestimated the Cincy Red-Stockings, but I really think this is a fight between the recent contenders still (the Brewers, Cardinals, and Cubs). Thankfully, I'm not alone in my surprise -- Walkoff Walk presented similar complaints, though about the previous update. Maybe that's why BP puts the PECOTA standings under the "Fantasy" section?

Meanwhile, Keith Law of ESPN (Insider) continues his scouring of the minor leagues, this time, naming his Top 100 in prospects. The guys over at Another Cubs Blog do us the service of picking out the Cubs, and appropriately discussing them. It's a nice change to be a little excited about the minors again.

Additionally, Steve Slowinski at DRaysBay finds an interesting sabermetrician in the literary Sherlock Holmes. This is a great, logical read -- especially for some one just now breaking into the world of sabermetrics.

Lastly, the Big League Stew notes that 2K Sports is holding a contest with their next title, MLB 2K10, which features hunk-a-licious Evan Longoria on the cover. Apparently, the first player to pitch a perfect game get one million pictures of a green George Washington. Unfortunately, in order to be eligible for the prize, you have to play MLB 2K10, which -- like its predecessors -- will be replete with glitches, bad commentary, and -- most likely -- more glitches.

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