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Over at Another Cubs Blog, mb21 preempts my Geovony Soto post. He does a terrific job, so I can't complain. In summary: Soto will be good; do not worry.

MLBTradeRumors tells us that Tommy Everidge just got DFA'd by Oakland. You know, Lee is in his final year and Micah Hoffpauir might not work out (or, better yet, might get better at playing RF). If we can nab Everidge on the cheap, that would be, in short, nifty. In other words, expect the Rays to pick him up.

Over at Fangraphs, R.J. Anderson looks at pitcher contact rates for the year 2003. It's significant to us because 2 of the top 5 starters are Cubs -- oh, the year that got away. :(

Also, and I meant to link this a while ago, mb21 of Another Cubs Blog also examined Jim Hendry's trades since becoming GM. It's an excellent effort, quantifying with WAR how well Hendry has done. All-in-all, I must say I'm surprised by Hendry's success. Unfortunately, success in the MLB is relative, and I'm afraid a similar study of -- say -- the Cardinals would reveal significant disparity. Nonetheless, I would like to formally apologize to Hendry for my sometimes snappy attitude. Sorry, Jim.

Additionally, like Billy Beane says in Moneyball, the playoffs are a "crapshoot." Statistically speaking, 5 to 7 games is a really piss-poor way of determining a best team (yet it's terribly exciting, so I don't really want it to change). Therefore, I believe a successful season is one in which a GM/manager can bring their team to the playoffs (or, preferably, have the best record in the majors). On these grounds, I would almost posit that Hendry has been wildly successful. Almost.

Oh, and WaxPaperBeerCup uncovers the possibility of a Global World Series. To say I'm excited would be an injustice to my feelings. This could really become something double-awesome.

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  1. The Free Agent value post I did in November showed hendry up about 1.5 WAR per year over what he's paying for. That's significant. It's also based on average so we know to this point that Hendry has been pretty good at signing free agents compared to his peers. The Trades post is a bit more confusing in when it comes to making comparisons to other GMs.

  2. Excellent point, mb21. Keep up the great work!

  3. Brad, I sent you an email the other night to the email address you used over at Bloguin. I just wanted to make sure that you got it.