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First of all, and this won't be the last time I mention it, our pals from DRaysBay -- namely Steve Slowinski -- created an excellent definitions database for sabermetric terms and tools. It's called the Sabermetrics Library, and we should all visit it often. (It's also linked on the side of our page layout.)

On a similar note, my idol, RJ Anderson, took some time to link up a bunch of useful saber sources.

Oh, and Soriano's knee still hurts. Geez, he is turning into a caricature of an aging power hitter. I really hope his health turns around and we don't have to DFA him after the All-Star Break.

At ACB, mb21 looks into Hendry's multi-year contracts. It's a really great study and frankly surprised and intrigued me. Also, it continues to add to my Winter of Apologies, as I begin to better appreciate the Cubs FO.

Lastly, this baby:

It comes from some data that Papa Tango was playing with on his blog. Basically, Tom is looking at peak pitchers ages, and how such a study can be corrupted by selection bias -- a topic that was pretty heated a month or two ago, and still worth examining in my opinion.

Oh, and our friend Berselius made me really, really hungry.

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