Lent and Why I Abstained from Purchasing Cubs Tickets

It is Lent and I am a little loopy from quasi-fasting and not eating meat (which is a real struggle for me). I haven't had a full meal in 48 hours (unless curling in mass quantities counts).

Anyways, Cubs tickets went on sale today to the general public.

I decided to abstain from Cubs tickets this year because




Like faith, I have much more questions than answers for this year's team. Those questions are many and varied:

Will we compete for the division?

Will we remain relatively healthy?

Will Soto rebound?

Has Zambrano used 7 minute abs?

Will Soriano catch a flyball without his hop?

Will the Ricketts family get rid of the guest singer for the 7th inning stretch?

So this year, I'm going to keep the Cubs at arms length focusing more on production analysis than complete fandom. I will continue to pray for the Cubs. But sacrificing the naivete of being a Cubs fan will be good for the soul.

Sometimes you need a break.

So today's meal consisted of (bad) minestrone soup...

...sometimes during Lent, fasting is the better choice.

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  1. I'm no doubt getting some tickets, but my shoe-string budget dictates that I can only really get tickets for the games to which no one wants to go. Alas, it looks like more Diamondback/Nationals vs. Cubs on a Tuesday night for me! :(