Injured Pitchers, Korean Pitchers, and Something Else

Over on RotoBlog, Josh Hermsmeyer released a pretty significant injuries database, ranging back to 2002. It's a well constructed, unprecedented database. His findings give us this:

You mean baseball players tend to get arm/shoulder injuries?! Yeah, I realize that's not really groundbreaking, but I think this database will really be fun moving forward.

In other news, the Cubs appear to have signed Kim Jin-yeong, a prospect out of Korea. He's an 18-year old RHP, straight out of high school. I do not speak Korean, so my information is limited to what Korea Baseball has to offer. However, Korean prospects are certainly unique in that, oftentimes, the government interrupts their development with the nationally-required military service. So hopefully Kim breaks into the majors fast and earns an exemption.

Also, I just finished an article reviewing the Cubs 2009 season over at ACB. Please check it out.

UPDATE: And for those who didn't believe Soto lost the 40 pounds, I refer you here.

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