Ryan Theriot, Arbitration, Starlin Castro, Benny Hill and Curling?

Rob G. from The Cub Reporter had a GREAT post on the arbitration process with the Cubs and Ryan Theriot. It includes a brief synopsis of arbitration, a comparison (to Stephen Drew), UZR, other stats, and Benny Hill theme music (all is right in the world).

All of this arbitration talk made me think of something though; this could be Theriot's last season as the Cubs' starting shortstop. The reason being is that we have Starlin Castro waiting in the wing.

Marc Hulet from Fangraphs had this to say about Castro:

"Just 19, Castro was pushed from rookie ball to high-A ball and he still hit .302/.340/.391 in 358 at-bats...Castro’s walk rate of just 5.0% was worrisome, but it improved to 8.3% upon a promotion to double-A (111 at-bats). Despite the late-season jump, the shortstop actually showed improvements in his game against better pitching...he also kept his strikeout rate low at 10.8% while hitting .288...successful in all six of his stolen base attempts in double-A. Defensively, he has the skill set to remain at shortstop...He’ll likely return to double-A to begin the season, but he’ll probably be the Cubs’ starting shortstop before his 21st birthday."

What I gather from this arbitration process and the talented Castro paying his dues in the minors is that Theriot doesn't fit into the Cubs' long term plans at shortstop. If the Cubs are smart, they give Castro a hard look this spring and maybe call him up at some point during the season. Then, hopefully, next year's middle infield would be Castro and Theriot.

In other news: I noticed something about the Olympics and it is this: Curling sneaks up on you. I've caught myself watching and enjoying it these past couple days. Sure, it looks ridiculous- but admit it, you've given it a thought or two of becoming a curler just to say you're an Olympian.

Chase that dream.

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  1. The guys at ACB also had a really good comparison of Theriot to his arb peers. It's not as in depth in terms of the arb process, but still good analysis. In it, they look at Theriot, Drew, Jason Bartlett, and JJ Hardy:

    Another Cubs Blog

    Also: I've played curling on the Wii's Winter Olympics game, and -- geez -- for a sport that doesn't make much sense, it sure was fun! I think it really gains a lot of excitement in that it's like watching a fly ball in baseball: we really can't tell if it's going to be an out or a homer until the last few seconds.

  2. I started watching curling during the 2006 winter olympics. I'd never really paid attention to it, but I love the game. It reminds me of baseball in many ways in that there is so much strategy involved. It's kind of a slow moving game like baseball, but the moments where there is no action, there's still the mental aspect of it that keeps you busy.

  3. Will and Brad, I should point out that Maury Brown said that multi-year contracts cannot be brought up by one side or the other. In other words, any arbitration eligible player who signs for more than one year is out. Only guys who sign 1-year deals can be discussed.

    The results of this are going to be very interesting.

  4. Yeah curling has definitely grown on me these past couple days. Thanks mb21 for the info!