WAR Calculator, Spring Training Photos, Psuedo-SIERA, and Jay Cutler

Our friend a Another Cubs Blog, mb21, has updated Colin Wyer's 2008 WAR Calculator, applied it to the Cubs, and made it available to all of us! This is really handy when trying to make predictions using different numbers than the norm.

Meanwhile, the fine bloggers at WPBC brought to my attention Tim Sheridan's blog, Boys of Spring. Sheridan has some really neat posts, complete with photos of some early-bird Cubs. Take some time to get excited about baseball again!

The SIERA testing phase continues as Patriot of Walk Like a Sabermetrician dives into SIERA's innerworkings and makes his own faux-SIERA. It's an interesting read for those keeping tabs.

In the world of football, the ever-excitable Ron Jaworski took some time to analyze Cutler's 26 picks in 2009. Many of these throws certainly seem bone-headed in a vacuum, but some of the reasons he was so jittery and throwing into double coverage include: 1) no running game, so everyone sits back in coverage, and 2) weak pass protection made him a scared, scared man -- teams didn't need to rush more than four because his porous line (which improved steadily near the end of the year) had already put The Fear into him.

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  1. Thanks for the link as always. By the way, I found an error in calculating the WAR for relievers. I fixed it so you may want to download the updated version.