The Cold Hard Truth for Baseball's Poor

Fernando Perez. Outfielder, Columbia graduate, English major, and humorist. This is seriously great stuff. If the thought of a $400,000 outfielder stealing fruit doesn't make you laugh, check your laughbox.

Hat tip to DRaysBay.

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  1. As a fellow cubs fan, economics guy and sabermetrics person, I must say I approve of this blog. Keep up the gospel.

    David MVP Eckstein of the Game Of Inches blog

  2. Also, my blogmate peeking over my shoulder wants me to ask if you want to exchange links on each other's blog rolls? You can contact us by going to our blog thru my name link

  3. That's a great video.

  4. Hey, thanks MVP! I'd be happy to link your blog. I've been a fan of your Fangraphs comments for some time now.