Cubs vs. Sand Diego

 Courtesy Boys of Spring.

Today the Cubs take on the Padres in yet another Spring Training game. Allow me to stress, once again, the meaningless of: Spring Training stats, Spring Training W-L records, and -- above all -- home runs hit in Arizona.

It's more valuable to look at the process (Pitch F/X type data, Hit F/X type data -- i.e. MPH of fastball, bite on a breaking pitch, ground outs vs. fly outs, line drives vs. fly balls, etc.). Unfortunately, this kind of data is completely unavailable to us during Spring Training, so we just have to wait for the sample to grow.

Anyway, today's game will be available on the MLB Audio function (a Padres' local station). Here is the gameday link:

Cubs vs. Padres, at Peoria Sports Complex

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