The News I've Waited to Hear

My main man, Ricketts!

Per stat-head and Milton Bradley nemesis Paul Sullivan, the Cubs should be using more sabermetrics in the future. I can't contain my childish glee at discovering this. I wish I had been at the Cubs Convention when this was actually said. I would have straight-up Thriller danced in the aisles, flash mob style.

Here's some quotes of interest:

Hendry on sabermetrics:
"We've always done more than people thought," Hendry said. "...We've always factored that in. But I'm always going to be a scouting guy first. You can skew statistics to frame it the way you like it.

"Some statistics that a lot of people think are always vital to making decisions, they should be a part of the equation, but not the be-all, end-all... You factor a lot of stuff in, not just ‘Oh gee, that guy has a high or low on-base percentage.' "
Chuck Wasserstrom, the head of the actual Cubs Stats department:
"With a smaller park, you would think that has something to do with (power numbers), but our park doesn't play as small as it used to, and by and large, most players are better on the home side," Wasserstrom said. "You don't look at that as much, but you definitely pay attention to day vs. night because of the amount of games we play during the day."
Is there really that much of a difference? Uh oh, I feel a study coming...

Paul Sullivan sticks his pretty nose in:
According to the numbers, Hendry seemed to make the right moves when he signed free agents Milton Bradley and Aaron Miles last year. Bradley led the American League in OBPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) with the Rangers in 2008, while Miles hit .392 in day games with the Cardinals, which made him a perfect fit for a team that plays more day games than any other.
Um... Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and correct you in the comments section, Paul, but nice try. My rebuttal:
Great to hear!

But, um, on a side note, Milton Bradley also had an absurdly high BABIP, so a lot of us stat-heads were kind of expecting his return to earth. And we've never really considered batting average or day/night splits on their own to be significant or informative, so I don't think we can fault sabermetrics for bringing in Aaron Miles.
Oh yeah, this is basically the exact thing I was hoping for when I heard the Cubs were being bought by an investment banker. Stu Sternberg anyone? 'Nuff said.

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