Spring Training Notes

Today, Carlos Silva left the game with a quad injury that hopefully isn't very seriously. He's pitched well this spring, despite our expectations, and we've chronicled his increasing effectiveness here. He added a nice line today, too, though he left after the 2nd inning. Additionally, judging by Muskat's previously linked blog post, Silva may have only surrendered the homer as a direct result of the injury. His updated starts lines:

one  2  7  6  0  2  2  2  1
two  3  4  0  1  0  0  5  3

thr. 4  2  0  0  3  0  4  3
for. 2  1  1  1  2  1  2  2

After the HR in the 2nd (when Silva was apparently injured), he also walked and then struck out the following two batters.

It appears the bullpen is cementing up, as Justin Berg has officially made the team, according to Lou. This leaves pretty much one spot for -- hopefully -- Mike Parisi. Berselius examines this at length at Another Cubs Blog.

Also, we discovered last week that Mike Fontenot, in addition to winning the starting second base position, will be the Ryan Theriot's backup SS. This leads me to ask: Why aren't we platooning the second base position?! I'm perfectly happy with young star, Starlin Castro, cast as a full time player in AAA, but I don't see any harm in platooning the second base position, given Fontenot's and Jeff Baker's (relatively small) history of dramatic splits.

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  1. Brad - has it been decided that Fontenot is the backup SS yet? Theriot is a guy who plays every day anyway, and if he's injured for a nontrivial amount of time they'll just call up Barney or Castro.

    Just because Lou has said Fontenot is the starter doesn't mean he'll be facing LH starters. Fukudome is the starter in RF but it's clear that Nady was picked up to be his platoon partner

  2. Great points, B.

    Yeah, I didn't really get into the Fonte-backup situation because I also do think it's Castro's job if there's any serious injury. Also, I agree on the Fontenot-Baker platoon thing: they might be platooning, but just calling Fonty the starter because he'll get more time (b/c they will face more RHPs). However, I've just not gotten that indication or impression.

    Who knows? Maybe they will platoon -- or maybe Hendrey & Co. have seen something in Fonty's ability to hit lefties, something that his smallish sample size doesn't show? (IIRC, he hasn't had enough PAs vs. lefties to qualify as definitively bad against LHP, per The Book's requirements.)