W-L% versus Pythagorean W-L%

The other day, in my BCB ACB article The Lost Era, I made the claim:

...[Pythagorean W-L%] has a nearly 1-to-1 ratio with W-L%...
I wanted to clarify that statement and present the chart I had previously made, but didn't use in the "Lost Era" article:

Basically this shows us that, over the course of a franchise's lifetime, the Pythagorean W-L% is just about the same as the regular W-L%. However, it's important to note that I used this claim only because I was examining large swaths of seasons, not just single seasons.

In other words, my comment above is not an attempt to denigrate Pythagorean W-L% or any other runs-based wins-adjusting tool. It's merely a truth based in large samples only.

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