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Is Big Z looking hotter, or what? Courtesy Boys of Spring.

My internet was down for a day or two, so naturally the World of Baseball and Sabermetrics exploided with interesting and new stuff. Let's review some of that stuff.

Our pal and fellow Cubs fan, Berselius, has played a major role lately in the saber blogosphere with his Markov lineup simulator and with his FIP wonderings. The simulator still needs a little tweaking, but it is definitely the next step in lineup simulators.

Also, Cistulli, Cameron, and Keri -- big names in sabermetrics -- have an interesting discussion on the 8th Chapter of Fangraphs Audio. In the beginning, they discuss the next steps for the sabermetric community. It's worth listening to twice.

The ever-fascinating Dave Allen looks into pitch sequencing and game theory. Basically, he finds that fastball-fastball and slider-slider prove to be a more effective pairing. Of course, if this becomes common practice, then the reverse would presumably true (fastball-slider and slider-fastball would be more effective). As Tango said on this topic: "I love game theory."

Also, over at THT, Mike Silver gives a glimpse into a baseball front office.

Lastly, this humorous exhortation against extrapolation (extending the prediction beyond the stats):

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  1. I can't wait for berselius to get the lineup simulator completely finished. It seems silly to be that excited about something, but I am.

  2. I don't think your excitement is misplaces, sir. A good lineup simulator can really alter projections.