Being a Cub Fan is a Way of Life

The Cubs have created a new marketing campaign-'It's a Way of Life'

Our reasons for being Cubs fans are many and varied: some deep and personal, others emotional and a few material.

To support this campaign, we at Cubs Stats have decided to share some stories, from our readers, about why we are Cub Fans. These stories are collected from friends, colleagues and strangers in a variety of professions. These stories will be spread out throughout the course of the season (instead of as a finite list).

Maybe you will relate to them, laugh or cry.

This is your story...

Old Style, Headset AM/FM radios, and God.
by Deddrick Perry Jr.

Yep, that's my grandpa. Rowan Allen came to Chicago after 2 tours in Korea and making his rounds as a lounge singer is southern "juke joints". Nicknamed "The Sheik" (perhaps due to some resemblance to actor Rudolf Valentino), Rowan had 3 passions: his family, music, and The Chicago Cubs.

It almost didn't make sense that a young black man from the rural delta town of McComb, MS would wind up in Joliet, IL...AND a die-hard Cubs fan. He used to recite how WGN Radio was the flavor of the day and how he always dreamed of coming to Chicago from Mississippi and being a blues singer. He fell in love with the Cubs traveling the country singing. As a colored man, he had to ride in the rear area of the train with the rail porters...they always had a radio, and during mid-day breaks, they could always catch the Cubbies.

He said one of the first things he wanted to do when he came to Chicago was to see the Cubs in person. He got his wish. Countless summer games spent with Old Style in hand, and headset listening to his favorite team...the Cubbies.

As for me, I inherited the Cubs much the way a religion is passed down throughout generations. I've sat through gut-wrenching playoff losses, a dozen or so mathematical eliminations from "the hunt", the Bartman Incident, and the passing of the very colorful Harry Caray. It's even been somewhat of a spiritual journey.

Early Christian apostle and contributor to biblical canon, Paul of Tarsus, eloquently writes in his letter to the church at Jerusalem that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" [Hebrews 11:1]. If there were ever a case to be made for faith, it is being a Cubs fan. The ability to still rationalize hope for a pennant, as true Chicago Cubs fan, despite the lack of material championship of ANY faith.

Nowhere in sports do fans BELIEVE in their team more than in Cubdom...nowhere. If one can believe that the Cubs actually have a shot after the monumental collapses, ill-fated foul balls, grounders that go through in-fielder's legs, and just flat out not getting the job done- he or she can literally believe anything is possible.

We aren't fans, we're a community of believers. Believing in playoffs that (regardless of talent/payroll) we may not make. And after each crushing disappointment our faith resumes and "there's always next year".

Communion will be served at Murphy's Bleachers.

Deddrick Perry is an Advertising Consultant, Ordained Minister and Cub Fan. He can be reached at

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