Good, but Not Yet: Part 2 (the Ryan Braun Comparison)

Brad wrote a great post on the goodness of one Tyler Colvin. Is Tyler good? Yes. Is he Ryan Braun good?

Let's analyze...

Colvin: .365/.600/.408
Braun: .438/.588/.457

Edge: Braun

Colvin: 5.1
Braun: 5.4

Edge: Braun

Outside Zone Swing%
Colvin: 35.5%
Braun: 23.7%
League Av.: ~25.0%

Edge: Braun

Outside Zone Contact%
Colvin: 53.7%
Braun: 76.0%
League Av.: ~60.0%

Edge: Braun

Total Contact%
Colvin: 73.2%
Braun: 79.3%
League Av.: ~80.0%

Edge: Braun

Swinging Strike%
Colvin: 13.4%
Braun: 10.0%
League Av.: ~8.0%

Edge: Braun

Fielding (UZR - LF)
Colvin: 0.4
Braun: -12.9

Edge: Colvin*

*Yes, I know his sample size is smaller...but I don't think over the long term, Colvin will be worse than Braun in LF. Especially considering he plays all three outfield positions decently.

Steakhouse Ownership

I recently heard about Ryan Braun's Waterfront Grill which from my friend's opinion is very posh and has decent food. I am surprised that the Milwaukee slugger is getting into the restaurant business considering in Chicago this was tried by "his airness" and failed closed after he retired.

But considering Braun does NOT hold a degree in business, nor culinary arts, it's clear who the edge goes to...

Edge: Colvin

Fugly T-shirts
Colvin: Zero fugly t-shirts owned
Braun: Owns a fugly t-shirt company AND wears $80 fugly t-shirts

Edge: Colvin

What does it all mean? Braun is clearly the better player. But in some instances Colvin could equate Braun's production (in defense, maybe even surpass). Colvin needs to work more on his outside zone swing%, and outside zone contact%. Will he be as good as Braun? Perhaps. Maybe a couple more years with our magical hitting coach will turn him into a monster (one can only hope).

But WAIT-there's more!

Lets compare rookie seasons!!!

Ugh, Braun is still better.

But in the category of steakhouse ownership and fugly t-shirts, Colvin gets the slight edge.

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  1. Braun is a beast, no doubt. I think Colvin will be a nifty part of our team -- hopefully for years to come -- but Braun is top tier, for sure.

  2. Ripping on Braun's T-shirts is blasphemy! The ultimate skull to gem ratio!

  3. Ha! You bring up an excellent point, BD. I hadn't considered the S/G ratio.

    But seriously, those shirts make my eyes bleed.