What if 49 years of waiting didn't come to an end?

Four days later and it still hasn't worn off.


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  1. Gah! It's almost unbearable to see the Blackhawks succeed in a league with even greater parity. Frankly, the Cubs should be dominating the NL, moreover the NL Central, the way the Hawks dominated this year. Prudent leadership and a big city budget would have the Cubs in first.

    It's not just a little frustrating.

  2. I know!!! That's what makes this (the Blackhawks winning it all) so special while we look at the Cubs with steaming frustration.

    When I first moved to Chicago this franchise was D-E-A-D and they turned it around and won it all in 3 years...pretty remarkable.

    Meanwhile the Cubs disappoint and it looks more like we'll have to deal with yet another rebuilding phase.

  3. Take heart, though. In 2005, Stu Sternberg bought the Tampa Bay (then Devil) Rays and replaced everyone with stat-heads and financial sector guys. Then, by 2008, they were one of the top 3 teams in all of baseball.

    If Ricketts decides to clean house this off-season and then "Sternberg" the front office (i.e. hire people like us), the new administration would be coming in with a much stronger base than Andrew Friedman (Rays), Billy Bean (As), or Theo Epstein (BoSox) ever had.