On Ryan Theriot

Yes, this is me, your 'umble narrator, calling for help from the Cubs' new statistics guy whilst enjoying a game from yonder bleacher seats.

Recently, David Golebiewski took a Fangraphs-quality look at the recently minted second baseman, Ryan Theriot, from a fantasy baseball perspective. As is typical with Fangraphs/Rotographs, the article hits the nail on the head. The gist of it is:
...In 2010, Theriot has swiped 15 bases in 18 tries, with +1.1 EQSBR so far. He’s running, and running well, when he gets the chance. Unfortunately, Theriot’s getting on base at a career-low-clip.
And later:
Pitchers are throwing Theriot more strikes, and he’s keeping the bat on his shoulder more often against those strikes. It’s no surprise, then, that Theriot’s often ending up in pitcher’s counts. His first pitch strike percentage is 66.9 this season. That’s the fourth-highest rate among qualified MLB hitters and well above his 60.1% average from 2007 to 2009 (58-59% MLB average).

Opposing hurlers aren’t afraid of Theriot, and they reflect that confidence by pounding the zone against him. In order to return to his previous .290/.355/.360 range, Theriot needs to knock more than two extra-base hits a month and stop putting himself at the mercy of the pitcher.
It's a sound and true analysis of Ryan Theriot's thus far sub-par 2010 campaign. However, his once decent-to-not-bad defense seems to -- as we expected -- blossomed in the marginally easier second base position. Altogether, though, his season WAR stands at a replacement level 0.0.

Ryan Theriot's struggles, unfortunately, are but the tip of the unfortunate and disastrous season that is 2010, and our "way of life."

Side Note: A tip of that hat to Tango for this intriguing article on sabermetrics and sabermetric history at the Baseball Chronicle.

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