The Chicago Bears and Sacks

Image courtesy of the venerable Cubby-Blue blog.

So the Chicago Bears didn't beat the Packers, but at least they lost without sustaining any injuries and also got a better look at Rashied Davis and Greg Olsen.

At the same time, the Bears offense pushed their season sack total to 56 -- with 52 of those landing on Jay Cutler. On the extraordinary blog Cubby-Blue, Tim's above-featured painting got me thinking: How bad is 52 sacks?

Well, here's how Cutler's 2010 stats fit into the history of the NFL and AFL:

These are the top 100 most-sacked quarterbacks of all time. Jay Cutler's 2010 season ranks 27th worst of all time. Mind you, he himself did not perform particularly poorly. In fact, his ~86 passer rating puts him ahead of a number of peers (Cutler is the red dot):

All the blue dots to the left and below of Cutler performed worse than him, despite being sacked fewer times. That includes quarterbacks such as Warren Moon, Drew Beldsoe, Ron Jaworski, and Trent Dilfer.

Even though 2010 featured a lot of mud on Jay Cutler's jersey, I think we can safely assume it does not signify a lackluster quarterback. Consider, if you will, some of Cutler's esteemed neighbors: Phil Simms, Ben Roethlisberger, the aforementioned Drew Bledsoe, and -- yes -- even Aaron Rodgers.

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  1. Brad,

    Interception rate correlates about as well with team as it does with QB. Can you take a quick gander at int rate as a function of sacks, or sack rate for these QB's? I'll bet Jay does decently in that analysis, too.

  2. Ooh! That's sounds interesting! Maybe I will explore that direction during this weekend free of hot Bears action.