Hard Questions for the Ricketts

1.)Why did you deem it appropriate to circumvent the Governor of a near bankrupt state to keep the tax revenue generated off of your ticket sales? It is my understanding that this revenue would be used to "enhance the Wrigley experience" which included fixing up Wrigley Field and adding some additional structures.

1.1)(a continuation from above) It is my concern that your valuation metrics of the Chicago Cubs are incorrect. Why else would you circumvent the Governor and ask for more money? Are you aware of what the enterprise value, debt, equity, cash is of the Chicago Cubs and what are these numbers?

1.2)Since you were unable to receive approval from the Gov. Pat Quinn, where will you receive funding for these projects? Will ticket prices rise to fund these projects?

1.3)You bought the Cubs, why can't you fund these projects?

2.)You have stated that growing and improving the Cubs via the farm system was/is a priority for ownership. Why, then did you trade three of our top prospects for Matt Garza? Will Matt Garza make the Cubs World Series contenders?

3.)When will we be able to compete for a world series? Open ended question I know, but we should be competing for a world series every year.

UPDATE: Here's one of Brad's questions he'd like answered.

A) I have read quotes in which you, Tom Ricketts, have said you want to model the Cubs organization after the Red Sox. But one of the calling cards of the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rays is the breadth and depth of their statistical analysis. They have whole teams working on proprietary statistical models, while the Cubs have only Chuck Wasserstrom and Ari Kaplan. Is that something you plan on expanding?

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  1. It is unfortunate that you weren't able to ask these questions for real. Or were you? Most of the tweets I followed suggested that the questions were pretty bland.

  2. The very first question was actually about sabermetrics, OBP, and Sam Fuld. I'd say 50% were good, intriguing questions; and 50% were soft balls.