Jay Cutler: Eats Nails for Breakfast

I -- unlike Will -- had nary of doubt of Jay Cutler last Sunday against the Packers. I've never bought into the media's half-cocked -- nay, cockless -- narrative of Jay Cutler the Wimp and Complainer. And, as a self-anointed defender of Jay Cutler (as I was of Kyle Orton), I rarely assume the negative when it comes to Cutler. When Tod Collins trotted onto the field, I didn't say, "What?!", I say, "Oh my god!"

Considering that bias, I feel the following video presents the most valid, evenly-presented analysis of not only Cutler's injury, but his play throughout most of the game.

Watch this video, and then watch the last two clips again. I will say this not once:


(A tip of the helmet to ever-spammish ChiSportsForum Twitter.)

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  1. This gentleman makes a really good point but I couldn't stop giggling at his drunken soliloquy and the little snifter full of booze.

    When I saw Collins warming up and then coming in on Sunday, I was like "Oh shit, Cutler's gotta be hurt" and then I think at some point they reported a knee injury and I immediately though "MCL" because I saw him walking around. It was kind of strange that they put Hanie in so quickly because then they lost any chance they'd have of bringing Cutler back in, but whatcha gonna do...I'm not a huge Cutler fan by any means but I thought that it should've been obvious that the guy was hurt or else he'd be in there until his leg snapped off.

  2. Kin: Please get out of my head.

    When I showed the video to my wife, she immediately said: "It's kind of hard to take this guy serious with a snifter in hand."

    Also, I too was a little surprised Lovie pulled Collins so fast (I hadn't thought about the 3rd QB rules though), but was nonetheless sure it was the right choice. Collins finished the day 0/2, with 2 near interceptions. That's not acceptable.

  3. I think Collins was also injured, and at that point they probably knew the severity of Cutler's injury and decided that there was no way he was going back in anyway. CNNSI had a pretty good video clip with an orthopedic surgeon explaining why Cutler couldn't have played anyway.

    The one thing that I thought was a bit subjective was when he suggested that on the actual play Cutler was injured, he grabbed for his knee. I thought the grab for knee was more evident in the play later on in the quarter, whereas in the play he was arguing for, Cutler looked like he was just adjusting his socks. It was very quick and he didn't show it again though.

  4. Yeah, I feel like Cutler's also grabbing his sock in that play. At the same time, though, I think his throws afterwards and the nature of the hit seem pretty conclusive.