Secrets of the Chicago Cubs Curse Unveiled!

That's right, I have found the undeniable source of the Cubs World Series drought! Today, I stumbled upon a Baseball Prospectus article that finally connected all the dots:

David Laurila: How would you describe the [Baseball Writers Association of America]?

Jack O’Connell: It’s a non-profit and basically an organization of reporters who cover Major League Baseball on a regular basis. We’re over 100 years old; the organization was formed in 1908, during the World Series that year. It was Chicago versus Detroit and the [press] facilities were abysmal... so [writers] had meetings with the two league presidents and said, “Hey, we’re covering baseball, we’re promoting the game, give us a place to work.” That was the beginning of the press box.
Don't see the connection? Well let me make it obvious for you (idiot):

Cubs Championships before Pressboxes and the BBBWAA:

Cubs Championships after Pressboxes and the BBBWAA:

Clearly the necromancing BBWAA and their twisted, magic-amplifying, sacred-crystal-manufacturing press booths have deliberately and insidiously toyed with the Chicago Cubs fate. I have presented the facts and stats, now it is up to year, dear readership, to conduct the revolt.

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  1. I thought this was common knowledge. I've yet to hear a single study refute this conclusion.

  2. Well, if that's the case, then clearly the BBWAA is suppressing the story, and it's only a matter of time until I'm "suppressed" too.

  3. Paul Sullivan is watching you!

  4. I'm sorry anonymous. Please, just don't hurt me!