This is Not a Cubs Podcast, Episode 1

In an effort to quell the public outcry, the writers and creators of Cubs Stats -- Brad and Will -- have relented and composed the first ever episode of, "This is Not a Cubs Podcast." Listeners will be privy to cutting edge and largely unrehearsed analysis, including discussions pertaining to:

  • The Blackhawks, the Stanley Cup Hangover, and the discouraging lack of knuckle-pucks.
  • The Bulls, Joakim Noah's "falling goose" kung fu style, and the value of depth.
  • The Cubs, their convention, and their cloudy long term goals.
  • The Bears, their 2010 season, and the obligatory Jay Cutler injury discussion.
  • The White Sox, the Dunn deal, and their 2011 hopes.

The astute listener will also hear: Discussions of eating certain Wisconsin buildings, a musical intro featuring the Cubs management strategy, and plenty of accidental noises as we bumped the table upon which the mic sat.

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  1. Great show! And since you're in Chinatown anyway, you can always eat ribs the Asian way with chopsticks

  2. Hi guys, nice podcast, it was fun! Hope MLBAM doesn't shut you down.

    Re: the Flying V and the knuckle puck...

    The Flying V is kind of dumb, and also it has to be timed right to ensure that the team doesn't go offsides. If the other team has a strong forecheck, with all five guys flying behind the net to set up the V like that, they're pretty much F'ed if they get hit or picked in their own zone. Being bunched up like that also means that one well placed neutral zone trap will have the entire defense out of position and let the other team score on a breakaway (see: Mighty Ducks 2). You pretty much can only do a Flying V when you catch the other team in a bad change, in which case there are like a thousand other better formations anyway...or you just wing it and charge the goal and hope for the best.

    Re: the knucklepuck...I'm not an expert, but I don't think the puck moves like that in real life hahaha. I also don't think the defense would ever allow enough time to set the puck on its side, although it might be possible with a good stick-handling defenseman on a power play...

    Nice job guys, hopefully there will be a next installment. Also looking forward to more SABR videos with the luck dragons.

  3. Also, I have a major non-gay man-crush on Aaron Rodgers and his awesomeness, so your disdain for him really amused me :-) (we both attended Cal)

  4. WHAT?! The Flying V and Knucklepuck are real!?

    Suddenly my childhood is coming to life in an all new brilliant glow!

    @Jeff: I eat everything with chopsticks -- from spaghetti to cereal.

  5. Thanks Kin for the breakdown of the Flying V and Knucklepuck...I had no idea those were real!!! Definitely giving you a shoutout on the next podcast.

    Juicy ribs.

  6. The Flying V was introduced in the first Mighty Ducks movie, while the Knucklepuck was in the second one. There was a fairly recent NHL game in which they did try the alley-oop pass and it worked, though!

  7. That's just ridiculous. I need to find a way to watch more hockey. Is there such thing as