Changes Around Cubs Stats

Hey everyone! The last year has been especially kind to Cubs Stats, and Will and I are looking for to the Cubs 2011 season with great excitement -- well, at least when it comes to Cubs Stats! Here's a list of a couple of things going on right now:

  • We are presently working on a yet-named book about the Chicago Cubs. If you would like more details or think you have a brief article to contribute, drop by the new book page! We hope to finish the book and have it on Amazon by the All-Star Break.
  • We have officially purchased!
  • Our Twitter handle has changed (from @CubsStats23) to @Cubs_Stats! If you followed us before the name change, then you will not need to update your account.
  • We also have been putting some time into improving our Facebook page, so if Twitter seems to hipster-yuppyish for you, then our Facebook page is the ideal way to get updates from Cubs Stats!
We're seriously overjoyed with how Cubs Stats has grown, blossomed, and developed beefy, manly arms over the last two years; and we hope you're excited too!

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention the podcast, which has already had -- count'em! -- three episodes and will be featuring some live-ish updates from Spring Training as Will spends some vacation days in Arizona!

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  1. Definitely interested to hear a little about this book project, Brad. I had some difficulty with the contact link you provided...

  2. Hmm... If the link in the post doesn't work, then give the one at the top of the page a go. It seems to work fine for me, so I'm not sure what the issue could be.

    Concerning the book, we've had quite a bit of interest, and we're -- as a natural result -- quite honored and excited! This little project has turned legit over night!