This is Not a Cubs Podcast, Episode 2

In the second installment of the ever-intrepid "This is Not a Cubs Podcast," Brad and Will try to put a final word on the Matt Garza trade and compare the Cubs rotation to the other NL Central teams. In it, listeners will hear:

  • A brief discussion of the Chicago Blackhawks.
  • Overdue praise for Richard Dent.
  • Lengthy diatribes and discussions of:
    • Matt Garza's Marcel projections.
    • The cost of giving up prospects.
    • Alternative perspectives on the Garza trade.
    • The hopes of the 2011 Cubs...
    • And the lack of an ace, as compared to the competitive NL Central teams.
The astute listener will also hear: Brad playing his guitar and harmonica, Brad and Will's complete failure to remember the Houston Astros ever existed, and -- as before -- the muffled thuds of us talking with our hands, shaking the mic's table.


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  1. Volquez missed 50 games last year due to suspension for PEDs. He actually used the time to rehab from Tommy John's Disease.

  2. The Astros are completely irrelevant.

    I think they have a decent 1-2 in Wandy and Brett Myers. Happ might be okay, but then their pitching kind of bottoms out. Didn't you say that the Cubs were projected to finish 5th on your Twitter? I'm surprised the Brewers were picked 4th, but I'm guessing that's pre-Garza and pre-Greinke/Marcum...

    I'm kind of on the fence about the Pujols thing. I agree that it would be a significant financial risk, but at the same time I'd be ecstatic to have him on the team. If he produces at Pujolsian levels for 5-6 years, I don't even care about the last four years. 5-6 years of SuperPujols may be enough to get us to the promised land. But I also won't be too disappointed if we don't sign him, as long as the Cubs play some smart Moneyball sans Pujols.

    This was fun! Can't wait for #3.