This is Not a Cubs Podcast, Episode 3

In this thrilling third installment of the "This is Not a Cubs Podcast," Will and Brad:

  • Discuss, in timely fashion, the need for the Bulls to retire Dennis Rodman's #91.
  • Philosophize on the present beauty of Chicagoans.
  • Put to task Marcel's 2011 White Sox projections.
  • Opine briefly about the majesty that is John Danks.
  • Place a gentleman's wager on the whether the Sox can muster 90 wins or not.
  • Think briefly on Spring Training and future Cubs-White Sox games.
Careful listeners will also notice: A strange, occasional skipping; the invention of a new statistic, WPG; and Carlos Zambrano conspiracy theory.


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This is Not a Cubs Podcast - Ep 3

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  1. Optimism Goggles on....
    If the Cubs post a league average team wOBA this year, they will at least be in playoff contention come September.

  2. That's a fair suggestion Eddie. Our pitching is good enough that -- with just an average offense and maybe a career year out of Z or Garza -- we'd be in the thick of the hunt.

    I like that.

  3. Another gentleman's wager-Cubs win the wild card.

  4. Are you wagering that?! Sure, I'll take your bet.

  5. Hey guys, I was a little late on this one, but it was great as is now expected. Plus I got a shout out.

    On Rodman: I disagree with your positions on him.

    I believe he belongs in the HOF without a doubt. He is the best rebounder in the history of the game. That alone, in my thinking, should get him in. It is akin to keeping the best rusher (if it were clear cut, since its a Chicago podcast we will say Walter Payton) out of the hall. Moreover, people forget about his offensive competence before he came to the Bulls. It will be a travesty if he never finds his place there.

    However, I do not believe the Bulls should hang his jersey alongside those other great players (granted Jerry Kraus is a joke). You say that we wouldn't have won those 3 titles without Rodman and I agree without doubt. But would we have won without Toni Kukoc? Would we have won the 1st 3 without Horace Grant? I do not think this is the standard for jersey retirement. He gave the Bulls 3 great years, but it was only 3 years and he was not better than the 3rd best player on any of those 3 teams. I don't think he provides a big enough body of work to warrant this honor. In that small an amount of time, he would have to have Sandy Koufax/Terrell Davis impact to qualify in my thinking. And Jordan and Pippen were clearly the key pieces with Rodman filling in.

    I love the discussion, though! He is my all-time favorite basketball player. When I played I would usually watch a short youtube montage highlighting the hustle, desire, and will that he played with. There was no better motivation for me.

    Great job, fellas. Keep 'em coming!