Where's Dennis?

Brad and I have discussed numerous times that the Cubs should retire Mordecai Brown's number name at Wrigley Field.

(Side note: I have mentioned to Brad to coerce other bloggers and picket Wrigley Field this year with "Retire Mordecai" banners, tshirts, flair. There's strength in numbers, people. Strength. In. Numbers.)

But there is another Chicago sports hero who hasn't had his number retired - Dennis Rodman.

Dennis has been nominated for the HOF. I won't argue if Dennis should/should not be in the Hall of Fame (personally, I think he should be but I digress). What irks me is that the Bulls haven't retired his number. Every time I go to the UC, I look up at the rafters; I see banners for Jordan, Pippen, Sloan, Love, Phil Jackson and...Jerry Krause? Seriously? How does this man have a banner hanging and NOT Rodman?

Rodman's accomplishments with the Bulls

  • Led the league in rebounding all three years ('96-'98)
  • Led the league in rebounding rate all three years ('96-'98)
  • All-NBA Defensive First-Team ('96)
  • Helped the Bulls win three NBA championships
(you would think that would be enough to get your number retired)

Can you imagine this party if the Bulls do retire his number? MJ and Scottie (if they even show up) will be extremely uncomfortable, Rodman will swear, he'll thank the fans while having a fifth of Jack in his hand, he'll walk onto the court with several scantily clad women, he'll be wearing something ridiculous (or nothing at all).

Come to think of it, maybe that's what the Bulls are afraid of.

Rodman's Career Accomplishments
  • Best rebounding rate in NBA history
  • Owns the top seven rebounding rates in league history
  • Tied for most offensive rebounds (11) in a game (accomplished this twice)
  • Oldest player to lead the league in rebounding (’98) in NBA history
  • 2 All-Star appearances (’90, ’92)
  • On 2 of the top 10 teams in NBA history
  • 2 Defensive Player of the Year Awards
  • 7 time All-Defensive First Team
  • Won 7 consecutive rebounding titles (‘91-’97), NBA record
  • 5 time NBA Champion (2 with Pistons, 3 with Bulls)

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Image courtesy of Steve Lipofsky, Basketballphoto.com.

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  1. Benjamin Morris at http://skepticalsports.com/ has been writing a long series on Rodman.

  2. I'm surprised that Rodman is the record-holder for offensive rebounds in a game. I did think it was 14 though, not 11, that was his career high...given that Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell used to pull down 40 or 50 rebounds a night, I thought they'd have more, but I'm too lazy to look it up. It's a shame Rodman never worked on his other skills, he always wanted to just pass the ball and wouldn't score a layup on his own unless it was off a rebound. That's definitely going to hurt his HOF case.

  3. My only reservations about enshrining Rodman's number would be his lurid ways, but the revelations of Jordan's sub-par morals pretty much nullifies those qualifications. So, eh, why not?

  4. There is no question that Rodman is one of the best rebounders of all time. It's just that he didn't care about anything else. More so than his attitude, that's going to hurt him in HOF voting. I don't know what the process is but I'd be surprised if he stayed on the ballot past his first year of eligibility.

  5. This might interest you guys...


  6. Yeah, that's a solid point Kin, but -- as we discuss in our coming podcast -- the argument of his lack of care seems week to me.

    Still, Will (and I, for that matter) isn't try to argue Dennis belongs in the HOF. That's an argument Mr. Morris in Jeff's comment could better handle. I think we'd just rather see his 91 dangling from the rafters.

  7. Ah, sorry about that, reading comprehension fail. Someone said HOF and my mind got single-tracked, hehe.

    He only played for three years on the Bulls, but those were three of the best years for the franchise in which he was All-NBA Defense and a key cog even if he didn't score. I can see your point, I just don't think it will happen because people just don't like Rodman, as you may have alluded to already.

  8. Oh yeah, and what are the odds the Pistons retire his number only 2 hours after Will makes this post!? It's too crazy to be coincidence.