1. Brad, foul outs are not included in the official definition? I thought they were considered "in play" still, even though they aren't within fair territory?

    Then again, they don't count "line drives" that are hit just foul in assessing a hitter's ability, so I guess that's consistent. Still sort of weird though, because that is still an out that a fielder has to make a play on.

  2. Geez, Kin. I totally goofed. I added foul outs as kind of second thought, but it totally isn't part of BABIP.

    Time to get creative. :/

  3. I wasn't completely sure and don't want you to think I'm criticizing because I wasn't sure either. I was reading on FanGraphs' new SABR-library link and Remington's BABIP primer about the stat and I don't think they specifically talked about foulouts, but Remington's article has a formula:

    So it looks like foulouts are treated as a non-hit and counted as part of the denominator anyway. I think foulouts are considered part of the "zones" for UZR calculations though, right?

    It was a good video anyway and I shared it with our Cubs fans :-)

  4. Thanks Kin. Oddly enough, the two websites you mentioned were the very two I used as sources. They didn't really specify, so I had to logically think it through myself. Unfortunately, I wasn't very diligent in my thinking, clearly.