Bradley Woodrum On Fangraphs!

Hey e'rbody! My first Fangraphs piece is live now! Please do drop by, read it, and then bash me in the comments!

Here's a taste:

However, Marquez Smith (free him!) remains at third, Darwin Barney looks poised for a bench slot (though he may challenge DeWitt for some ABs), and Blake Baker/Jeff DeWitt should still at least start the season in their platooned roles. If worse comes to worst with DeWitt, though, and he finds himself in Iowa, the Cubs may indeed turn to [Jeff] Baker.
You can read the full article here.

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  1. I actually saw the post at fangraphs first, and then rushed here to congratulate you! Just keep the Cubs content coming please.

  2. Thanks Eddie! I really hope I can use FanGraphs as a platform to help awaken many more Cubs fans from their Bob Brenly-induced stupors!

  3. Hey, just read the post, then realised that your name is Brad so I came over to see if it was you. And it is! Congratulations! Look forward to reading your stuff there.