1. Sorry Brad. At least he has a home in Iowa for now, I wasn't entirely sure whether he had an option left or not but it's good that he has a chance to work on stuff before a call-up at some point.

    At least there's still a chance they use Welington Castillo or Max Ramirez as the backup to Soto, but I wouldn't count on it.

  2. I was rooting for 'Nando as well, but I have to ask: Can you really blame Quade for this decision? I won't get into his hitting stats, because I know the small sample is useless. But I gather that he looked pretty lost defensively. That's probably what got him sent to Iowa.

  3. @Kin: If they cut Koyie, then I'll change my ire status.

    @daver: It's true that I'm not getting to see the games or anything. He may have looked hopeless out there. Or who knows, maybe the Cubs see him as a legit option in the future, and want to keep his service time down or have him work on his game a little more.

    But still, Perez is a good fielder and a phenomenal runner. His already proven that elsewhere. Athletes go through random fluctuations, so any fielding mistakes from Perez I imagine would have been out of place in the long run.

    The Cubs need some speed and fielding, that's what Perez offered. :(

  4. The Cubs won't go North with Silva!!! THEY DIDN'T LIE TO US ABOUT HAVING A TRULY OPEN COMPETITION!!!