Greg Maddux: Yeah, He Was That Good

Mike Axisa of MLBTR observed some intriguing God-like facts about Greg Maddux today:

Hold on! The majesty is not yet complete...

Man, I really wish we could have got this man the second ring he deserved.

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  1. And how many of the unintentional walks were basically intentional walks? We'd have to look at the situation at the time of each one to even have an idea, but I'm guessing that number is fairly large as well.

  2. Yeah, that's an excellent point -- and a researching nightmare.

  3. I harbor no ill will for Maddux. I loved watching him pitch, even when he pitched for the Braves.

    But my memory is that the Cubs offered him more money than the Braves did but he went to the Braves believing they gave him a better shot at a ring.

    Given that, getting Maddux a second ring was the last reason I rooted for the Cubs to succeed.

  4. Good point, Rich. Still, I would've love to give him a ring with C instead of an A on it -- even if just for the simple byproduct of their being a Cubs championship.