Silva's Descent, and Helmets for Pitchers

Yeah, I realize that picture is ginormous. Majesty cannot be shrunk. (a hearty and thankful h/t to Tim Souers of Cubby-Blue)

For the second straight appearance, Carlos Silva hath exploded.

Granted, he rightly observed batters were not exactly padding their slugging percentage against him. Quoth Silva:
Most of [the hits] were singles that were hit through the hole.
Frankly, you cannot help it when the Luck Dragons frown on you, and your BABIP skyrockets unexpectedly.

HOWEVER: If Gameday is to be trusted (and this time of year, that's a big IF), then most of the those singles came on line drives, not weakly hit ground balls. Anyone should expect their BABIP to balloon like my Yuletide waistline if they surrender nothing be frozen ropes.

Meanwhile, Rob Neyer pointed to an article today concerning helmets -- for pitchers! Yeah, they may make you look like you just enlisted with the Starship Troopers, but it's better than looking like this.

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