This is Not a Cubs Podcast, Episode 4

In the fourth, yet regrettably delayed, episode of "This is Not a Cubs Podcast," Brad and Will examine:

  • The insanity that is the Chicago Bulls.
  • The odds of Dennis Rodman making the NBA Hall of Fame.
  • The possibility of Albert Pujols signing with the Cubs in 2012.
  • The sabermetric book season, and Bill James's latest abstract.
  • Some early Chicago Cubs action, and the impending Cubs Stats book, Looking for Mordecai.
Astute listeners will also notice: This podcast was recorded several days ago, and there is no mention, therefore, of the Carlos Silva blowup, or the Matt Garza liner-to-the-back story.

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This is Not a Cubs Podcast - Ep 4

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  1. Oooh, if you guys listened to Wrigley Talk Friday you would know how to pronounce Julie's last name!

  2. Wrigley Talk Friday? I see her promoting it on Twitter occasionally, but never have the free time to listen. Now it's coming back to bite me. :(