THT on the Chicago White Sox

Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times took a look today at five questions pressing on the White Sox. I think he does an admirable job -- I cannot think of any questions more pressing than these (well, maybe one). Jaffe's questions were, essentially:
  1. Will the real Carlos Quentin please stand up? [That's more of an imposition than question.]
  2. What does the Adam Dunn signing mean for the team?
  3. What should be done with Chris Sale?
  4. Is Don Cooper the most underrated man in major league baseball?
  5. Can they win the division?
Honestly, I might swap question number 4 with: "Can the rotation hold up?"

Consider: Jake Peavy is yet again hurt. Edwin Jackson is coming off of a career year (can he sustain or improve on that?). Mark Buerle's FIP and xFIP nearly caught up to him.

All in all, this is a fairly sick starting rotation, complete with 5 above average, to possible great, pitchers (6 if you include Chris Sale). Jaffe's closing words cannot help but excite the reader about the South Side's prospects this year:
This year, if Peavy remains injured and Quentin plays about as well as he has the last two years, I still think the Sox win the division.

This looks like the team to beat in the AL Central this year. I don't know who served me the South Side Kool-Aid this spring, but it sure does taste good.

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