2011 NBA Playoffs: Bulls Vs. Pacers (Game 1 Recap)

How does a Pacers team, who was winning for the entire game, let one slip away in the final minutes?

Derrick Rose.

Although he had an awful night from beyond the arc (0-9), his true shooting percentage climbed five points to 60%. It was hard work; he had to drive to the lane and draw fouls (luckily he shot 90% from the line, 19-21). Derrick's offensive rating was an amazing 141, and his productivity accounted for 40% of the Bulls win.

Luol Deng -- The silent assassin's true shooting percentage of 61% was higher than his season total (55%). He had an ORating of 131 and a DRating of 117. Meh. His productivity accounted for 10% of the Bulls win. I said before the playoffs that as Luol Deng (and the Bench Mob) goes, as go the Bulls. I do not think I'm off base.

Who needs to get better?

Carlos Boozer -- True shooting percentage tells us Carlos had an awful night. His true shooting percentage against the Pacers was 45%, ten points below his season percentage (55%). The decline in true shooting percentage and atrocious DRating (114) is awful. In the playoffs, a DRating of 114 and an ORating of 85 is a huge liability (this tells us he's allowing MORE points on defense than he is contributing on offense). Boozer's lack of production contributed a combined -10% (yes, negative) to the Bulls winning the game... This is not good. Will Carlos Boozer show up in Game 2? I hope so. If not, Coach Tibbs may have to adjust the starting lineup.

Joakim Noah -- We saw true shooting percentage decline for Joakim Noah as well. His true shooting percentage was 40%, a drastic decline from his regular season true shooting percentage (58%). Joakim's saving grace is that his ORating (126) was higher than his DRating (111) -- he actually contributed 10% to the Bulls winning the game. Joakim can play better.

Who is still good looking?

Kyle Korver -- His 'three' with 48 seconds remaining lifted Chicago to a victory. His ORating was 151 (holy cow!) and his DRating was 118. We know Kyle isn't known for his defense -- he's known for his shooting and how really, really good looking he is.

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