Chicago Cubs Get Their First Win

The Cubs and their Scary Manager pulled out a win today.
Hey, who doesn't like to win?

Well, in general, Cubs fans seem pretty ambivalent towards winning games, but I sure like to win games. And whaddayouknow? -- the Cubs actually won today!

Carlos Zambrano went 6 good innings, striking out 4 and walking 3. He also allowed 6 hits, but only 2 (a double and a homer) were extra base hits. He also had 5 groundouts to 3 flyouts, which is a positive sign. Zambrano is usually at his best when he's serving tasty grounders to the Cubs infield.

In a delightful show of it-does-not-matter-a-whole-lot-ness, the Cubs bullpen performed at peak levels today. The combination of Kerry Wood, Sean Marshall, and Carlos Marmol put together a scoreless final 3 frames, allowing only a combined 1 walked while striking out 6.

Meanwhile, the Cubs collectively banged four doubles, coming off the unlikely bats of Carlos Zambrano, Blake DeWitt, Jeff Baker, and Starlin Castro. Actually, Baker and Castro hitting doubles makes sense. Not so much with the rest of the group.

Nonetheless, somehow the Cubs sloshed together 5 runs, but even in victory I feel disappointed. I blame...

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  1. I had to miss most of the game, but I got back in time for the 8th. It was a real pleasure to watch Marmol strike out the side in the 9th!

  2. The Marmol strikeouts were pretty sick. I love it when he's on. Flat out impossible to hit.

    Did you guys hear the rumor that Dennis Rodman is going to the HOF? That was mildly surprising, but not really, if it's true.

  3. Uh... Didn't Dennis Rodman start that rumor?

    @Animatronic: Yeah, Marmol is flat awesome whenever he's not thrashing my vascular system. I really wish we had an excellent team that could better utilize Marmol's awesomeness.

  4. Right now he's on track for 81 saves! How much utilization do you want?

    I know, small sample size.

  5. Marmol also has a 27 K/9 right now.

    I dunno Brad, just something I picked up over the grapevine that I thought you guys would know about since you were talking about Rodman in the HOF.