Empty Wrigley Field; Chicago Cubs Pay Piper

Today, Julie discussed what I was observing yesterday: An empty Wrigley Field. I was watching the game online and made a comment on Twitter comparing Tropicana Field to Wrigley, and it looks like my pessimism was not far off:
...The official attendance report was 26,292, making yesterday’s crowd the smallest to see a game at Wrigley since 2002. But even that figure elicited snorts of amusement from those at the game. Witnesses put the crowd somewhere around 10,000 fans at the high end.

If you’ve witnessed the breakneck speed at which Wrigley games have sold out since 2003, yesterday’s attendance is a staggering surprise, but perhaps one that we should have seen coming. The 2011 Cubs Convention failed to sell out, while in the past tickets have been snapped up in less than 15 minutes. Then rumor had it that only six, SIX, Cubs games sold out this year (Opening Day, three Yankees Games, one White Sox Game , and one Cardinals game). Yesterday, ChicagoNow pointed out that tickets to dozens of Cubs games were available online for less than $1.00
That's a bleak outlook for Cubs ownership. They've kept a smile going since Spring Training, insisting attendance would not be down, but there were seriously fewer people there at the game yesterday than the game I attended at the end of 2009 against these same Diamondbacks -- and that game was after the Cubs were out of contention, a bunch of minor leaguers were playing, and it was cold and unpleasant.

That's saying something.

This is the inevitable byproduct of the Cubs failing to create a quality team. The chief determinate for attendance has always been winning percentage, and no dilapidated, trough-urinal stadium can change that.

A League of Her Own » Despite Win, Cubs Fans Feeling Empty

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  1. Brad -
    Could you explain how to read a pitch f/x graph? I've never understood what I was looking at. Thanks!

  2. Sure thing Eddie. I'll see if I can't get something up today or tomorrow concerning it.

  3. This is why you're the best sabermagician.