Happy Cubs Day! Wells, Cashner To DL

Well, it was just a matter of time until we had our first Cubs Day -- a day in which everything detonates all at once. Today the Cubs are reporting Andrew Cashner and Randy Wells will be going to the disabled list (DL) with throwing-arm-related strains.

Now, it's just the 15-day DL, so our hope is they will rejoin the 25-man roster post-haste. But, let's be honest, they have strains to the single most important part of their baseball bodies, and THIS IS THE F***ING CUBS WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!

I've made no secret of my affections both for Cashner and for Wells, so this spate of injuries comes as a significant blow to my happiness.

On the bright side, at least we cut a possibly league average pitcher in Carlos Silva. HAHAHAHAHA!!! HAPPY CUBS DAY!!!! (But seriously: $#!@!)

I'm not sure just yet what the immediate replacement plan is, but -- if I had my druthers -- I'd immediately stretch out Sean Marshall and summon Thomas Diamond (whom is, I fear, replacement level at best -- i.e. worse than league average).

In reality, I expect James Russel and Casey Coleman will be blundered into the starting rotation, and the Cubs will begin their pursuit of the number 1 overall draft pick. HAPPY CUBS DAY!!!

Cubs pitchers Wells, Cashner going on disabled list | cubs.com: News

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