FanGraphs: What's Wrong With Ryan Dempster?

I've just posted my latest FanGraphs article, this one entitled, "What's Wrong With Ryan Dempster?" Here's the thrust of my assertion:

Dempster’s Pitch F/x data looks too similar to last year (similar velocities, possibly better movement) to say he’s lost a grip or some of his speed. Moreover, his strikeouts and walks are not out-of-whack, so basically everything has been held constant except his luck. His ERA is awful (8.05 ERA) but his FIP shows underlying success (5.75 FIP) and his xFIP wards off the luck beasts and shows the Ryan Dempster we know and love (3.92 xFIP).
Mosey over to FranGraphs for the remainder of that article.

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  1. Nice article. Glad to see you reached the same conclusion I did. You had better timing though. I posted mine a day or two before the shortest outing his career. Wish I had waited a few days to post it. Oh well.

  2. Ha! Well, I wanted to post this article before his first good start, but I was scheduled for the day after. It kind of ruined the oomph, but oh well.