J.T. Thomas: Greatest Bears Rookie?

Sports are not very meaningful. Football, baseball, basketball — it's all just entertainment. Disney tries to romanticize it; writers try to glorify it; and fans try to draw greater meaning from it. In the end, though, it is a business not unlike the circus, where athleticism and showmanship wow the audiences and pay the bills.

So, when a player uses his circus platform for something good, it shows legitimate character. These athletes could just do their job like normal, then go home and secretly run some elicit empire of evil — and the world would still praise them.

Though athletes do not need to do anything truly good to earn praise, many are still praiseworthy — such as the great Warrick Dunn, who's on-field accolades could never hope to match his off-field accomplishments.

Anyway, Colleen Newport of Blogger of the Midway brought this great tidbit to my attention:

The season hasn’t started yet, hell, there might not even be a season. But, J.T. Thomas is already my favorite Bears rookie.

Thomas has an autistic brother whom he helps get on and off the bus for school. An eighth-grader, Joslyn Levell, rides the same bus and happens to be a Bears fan. When Thomas found this out, he made sure to introduce himself to Joslyn.

After talking for a bit, the young girl got a little teary-eyed as she told him she couldn’t get a date to the prom. She has spina bifida and is confined to a wheelchair. None of the boys at her school wanted to take her to the dance.
The article goes on to describe how Thomas took Joslyn to the prom.

As an outside linebacker, Thomas certainly faces a legitimate challenge: Finding playing time in the Bears linebacker corps is no small task. Here's hoping he does.

Here's the original story on NFL.com.

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