The Missing Derrick Rose Jersey

Trekking through the wet streets and gloomy skies of a Chicago “Spring," I was on a quest to find the Derrick Rose jersey. I visited Wrigleyville Sports (in the basement of Macy’s — yeah, I didn’t know it existed either), Footlocker, and the Adidas store without much luck.

I went to the final regular season game of the Bulls, and I went inside the apparel store in the United Center. While elbowing little kids and stepping on women’s shoes I scanned the room from one side to the other for the Derrick Rose jersey… Nothing. I thought, with 100% certainty, that if any place had it in Chicago, this would be the place — after all, this is where the Bulls play — they couldn’t possibly be sold out. I maneuver my way to the counter like a shark out for blood and ask the cashier where I can find it, because at this point, I have exhausted all of my resources:

“Oh sorry, Sir. But we’ve been sold out for weeks. We’ve put in an order to the manufacturer [Adidas] but we’re waiting in line like everyone else.” He said.

“Seriously? The United Center is waiting in line? Isn’t this where the BULLS PLAY? This does not make any sense.” I responded with disbelief.

"Yeah. It seems like everyone is waiting in line for this jersey. Worse part about it is, we have NO idea where we are in the line” He responded. “But here’s a number you can call at the NBA Store or you can order it online…the trick is to “customize” a jersey with ‘Rose’ on the back — you could get it faster."

Finally, a solid lead to get this jersey.

I went to the NBA Store site, and I saw the red jersey and decided to “customize” it. I enter Rose and number one (1) then place my order. So far so good.


I receive an email the day before the jersey is to arrive at the NBA’s processing facility (keep in mind it has been three weeks since I placed the order) and they inform me that my order is being delayed...

We wanted to inform you that there is a delay in fulfilling the item listed below in your order. Please accept our apologies for this delay.

At this time we do not have a ship date for the item. If you choose to wait for the item to ship, you do not need to contact us, and we will continue to process and ship your order as soon as we can. Please note, your credit card will not be charged for the item until the order is shipped.
I called the NBA Store, irate; I implemented lamaze breathing to stop me from chewing out the unlucky bastard person that had to take my call. He informed me the expected date on when jerseys are to arrive is the end of May (at that point, it would have been 8 weeks since I placed the order) but still, he was unsure of the quantity of jerseys they would be receiving and could not commit to that date nor to my order being processed (it seemed as if there was a plethora of orders ahead of mine).

I appreciated his honesty and thanked him for his time. I think most businesses would string people along, selling them on false hope and/or timelines. He was aware of the risks (me cancelling my order), and he told me the truth anyway.

I ended up cancelling my order. To wait 8+ weeks (minimum) for a single jersey is a little too much; even by my standards. I’ll eventually find the jersey; I just hope I have a parade to wear it to.

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