Thank You, Bulls

I am sitting here on a bright and sunny Memorial Day. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and it's finally hot outside. This has been the first weekend without our Chicago Bulls. They kept us engaged through a harsh winter, a frustrating "spring" and the daily grind that is life.

Who could have predicted a 62 win season, an MVP, a Coach of the Year AND a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals? I certainly did not. Some will speculate whether the Bulls overachieved this year (which is possible). At the end of the day, they had a great season and a respectable playoff run. When analysts and fans discuss the teams that can contend for a title next season, the Bulls will be in the conversation. A two-guard will come either via trade (OJ Mayo or Courtney Lee), free agency (I'd rather not see the JR Smith experiment for the second time), or the NBA Draft. The Bulls have two first-round picks this year (28, 30 respectively...I'm hoping they can trade up to grab an Alec Burks, Klay Thompson or a Marshon Brooks). Personally, I'd much rather see the Bulls trade up and throw in an additional piece to draft Marshon Brooks (he's probably the closest to contributing now). I think Vik Denic would agree:

He can score in a variety of ways, and thanks to his freakish 7 foot 1 wingspan finds no trouble finishing at the rim. But what makes Brooks so potent is his ability to create separation off dribble hesitation. Considering this draft’s weak crop of shooting guards combined with his rising draft stock, don’t be surprised if Brooks is long gone by the time the Bulls are on the clock with the 28th selection. That said, I give Gar Forman my full endorsement to trade up for this dynamic scorer out of Providence.
Despite the Bulls flaws, we see a team that has a bright future. The average age of the Bulls is 27.4 and they have an even younger core -- Rose(22), Deng(25), Gibson(25), Noah(25), Asik(24), Brewer(25). The Bulls will be competitive next season. David Haugh wrote:
Of most importance, this year announced the Bulls are back, the proverbial year-ahead-of-schedule team with a clear plan and bright promise. It defies logic to categorize the 2010-11 season as anything but outstanding despite their collapse in the finale.
I am not mad because the Bulls lost to Miami (or in the way they lost). I am mad because I can no longer watch this amazing team. Instead, I'm stuck with horrible baseball.

Wake me up when September ends.

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