2011 NBA Draft: Bulls Draft Butler, Marquette Alumni (In Chicago) Salivate

The Bulls needed a shooting guard; one to take the pressure off Derrick Rose. But unfortunately, even if the Bulls had a lottery pick, that type of immediate impact wasn't in this year's draft. The Bulls selected Nikola Mirotic (I never heard of him either) and Jimmy Butler.

I don't understand the Mirotic pick. The 20 year old, 6'10" small forward from Serbia signed an extension with Real Madrid in late April that keeps him under contract until the 2015-16 season. Why draft him? I'm not even sure they can use this selection as an asset in a later deal (trade) for a two-guard. Justin Albers has a theory:

The Bulls likely made the trade because they didn’t want two more guaranteed contracts on their books heading into labor uncertainty. Because they weren’t able to add a shooting guard through the draft, the extra roster spot and money should allow them to sign one in free agency.
The Bulls selected Jimmy Butler at 30. As a Marquette Alum, I heart me some Jimmy Butler. His story is similar to Michael Oher's (from The Blind Side). Sure, I could jump into the stats and quantify his transition to the NBA, but that would be a disservice to him. Sometimes, you have to leave the stats alone and let a man's journey speak for itself. That's where the real talent is.

I heart me some Jimmy Butler.

The more you hear and see from him, I think you will too.

Ring out ahoya, Jimmy.

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