The Cubs Are Terrible

Ho-lee kao! I know things are really bad when I get a voicemail from Will, full of both sighing and shouting, denouncing the Cubs and cursing their curse. What makes it even worse — and it's not the annual Carlos Zambrano blow up — is the epically bad pace the Cubs have set for themselves.

I did not realize how truly terrible this 2011 Cubs season has been until mb21 of the Obstructed View Blog brought this dandy to my attention:

The Cubs winning percentage is .411. The only Cubs teams since 1981 who have been worse through 56 games were the teams in 1981 (.286), 1982 (.375), 2002 (.393), 2000 (.393) and 1994 (.393). The last thre were just one win worse than the Cubs. It gets worse if we look at the expected record based on runs scored and allowed.

The Cubs Pythagorean win percentage is .403. Only the teams in 1981 (.332), 2006 (.399) and 2002 (.400) have been worse. Even the terrible Cubs teams of 1982 and 2000 were better. There's an even better win expectation percentage called PythagenPat. Rather than consider all run environments the same as Pythagorean does, it's based on the run score environment of each individual team.

The Cubs current PythagenPat is .408. Only the teams in 1981 (.344), 2006 (.405) and 2002 (.407) have been worse. The 2000 team is interesting because only one team in this span scored more runs (2008). However, no team came even close to allowing the number of runs they did. A lot of runs were being scored in baseball at that time, but in other years close to 2000, we don't see such extremes for any Cubs team.
Now you have done it, Cubs. You have made one of your most loyal fans — the great, white Will Smith — depressed. And he hasn't even seen these numbers yet!

No offense to Hendry, who brought several magical seasons to this franchise, but we need a new GM, a new and consistent approach, and maybe just a sliver hope.

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