GROTA: The Cubs Will Compete In 2012

Or so says my buddy A.J. Walsh over on Goat Riders of the Apocalypse. In response to my "give up, we will suck for at least three years" proposal, A.J. has spent some time looking at contracts and contemplating careers. He came away feeling, shall we say?, more optimistic than me:

Do D.J. LeMahieu and Blake DeWitt suck? Possibly. But they also might be good. LeMahieu isn't ready to hit major league pitching today, but he also hasn't been completely overwhelmed, managing a .273 average in his short stint with the club. He also had a .492 slugging in AA before his call-up, along with a .358 average. He's also just 22 years old, so there's definitely room for him to grow, which he will do later this season once he's sent back down to Iowa. DeWitt is not Aramis Ramirez, but he's also just 25, and it looks like he'll have a chance to prove himself down the stretch. Slot those guys in for 2B and 3B for now.
You can read the whole thing here.

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